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Medicare Consulting Services

Medicare Enrollment

The Medicare program, and participation in it, has numerous benefits to a provider. These include speedy, predictable reimbursements, broad patient-base depending on specialty, the ability to treat patients throughout the continuum of care in concert with other Medicare providers, among many others.

Get It Right The First Time

The Medicare enrollment process can be challenging, to put it lightly. Just like any government program, all of the boxes must be checked in the correct order with accurate information. Any deviation from the proper process may result in rejection of applications, restart of the process, and significant revenue loss. In addition, contracting with any of the many Medicare Advantage plans is completely contingent upon correct and successful Medicare enrollment. 

Our strategy for this is simple, get it right the first time: We ask the right questions and gather the right data to submit the right application to the right people. Our firm will take your organization through the full enrollment process, including the group, all applicable providers, EFT and EDI enrollment. When submitted correctly, you as the provider can safely see patients during the enrollment process and submit claim once approval has been achieved, (DME excluded). This gives your group the flexibility to start seeing patients much sooner than attempting the enrollment process on your own.

Facility Medicare Enrollment

The proper completion and execution of a facility Medicare application, whether Part A or Part B, is especially crucial as there are fees required by CMS for submission. Incorrect applications forfeit these fees upon rejection.

Our firm is well-equipped to successfully complete the Medicare enrollment process for any of the following:

Private medical practices of all specialties
Hospital, inpatient and outpatient
Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs)
Office-based Laboratories (OBLs)
Independent Laboratories
Durable Medical Equipment suppliers (DME)
Orthotics and Prosthetics (O&P)
Home Health Agencies Pharmacies
Therapy practices – PT/OT


There are situations where overall practice strategy dictates opting-out of any CMS program. This is a crucial decision that should not only be made with assistance, but also accomplished with competent counsel to ensure it is completed correctly. Please schedule a meeting to discuss this before any decisions are made.
Medicare Consulting

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