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Medicaid Consulting Services 

Medicaid Enrollment

Any developed society requires a safety net for those who are less fortunate.

Learn The Benefits Of Medicaid

Enrollment in your state’s Medicaid program can have many advantages, beyond anything altruistic. There are significant advantages to Medicaid enrollment by allowing an extremely broad patient base. An organization has the opportunity to leverage mid-level providers to greatly extend the reach of the practice.

Additionally, the vast majority of current Medicaid beneficiaries utilize some version of a Managed Medicaid plan. These are private insurance companies, contracted by your state, governed by CMS regulations to provide medical and behavioral benefits to qualified individuals. What is typically unknown and/or discouraged is that these contracted rates are negotiable just like any other payer agreement. It is time to ensure the financial viability of your practice by standing on the value of the services you provide.

Regardless of the state, we are able to promptly enroll you as an individual provider, your group or facility, depending on how your facility operates. 

We will assist in a market evaluation to determine if becoming a Medicaid provider for your organization is worthwhile.

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