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Credentialing Services

When to Hire a Credentialing Company

Credentialing Services Are Essential

Credentialing services are essential whether you are a physician or any other healthcare professional looking to maximize the effectiveness of your practice. The greatest benefits of properly executed credentialing is that it ensures prompt and correct payment based upon your network agreement. Additionally, the requirements for completing credentialing applications vary amongst insurance providers. That’s why this process requires professional attention to detail and persistent follow-up. By opting for our credentialing services, you can ensure that the payer’s credentialing procedure is addressed correctly and quickly. The revenue and financial security of your practice will be in jeopardy if this is not handled exactly as the payer indicates. Your providers, billing staff, and administrators will ultimately have more time to devote to their core responsibilities when you engage with our credentialing services. Even more importantly, we manage the RE-credentialing process for providers. Payers are required to credential providers on an on-going basis. This process may be required at different intervals based on the payer and provider specialty. More tragic than delays in initial credentialing, failure to recredential could result in three months of treating patients, only to find out you are now out of network, rendering all reimbursement for those services uncollectable. Our provider credentialing is a smart move, particularly when establishing a new practice, or adding a new location, and recruiting additional providers.

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Credentialing Services to Streamline Your Processes

With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Medical Admin Advisors specializes in provider enrollment and credentialing services. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, we service providers nationwide. Our services encompass all aspects of healthcare-related organizations. We serve a broad range of clients, from physician groups, ambulatory surgical centers, behavioral health providers, to laboratories and independent diagnostic testing facilities, and everything in between. To avoid any payment delays or outright denials, we will make sure to get you enrolled properly as soon as possible. Medical Admin Advisors support the adoption of current best practices by healthcare companies. We streamline procedures and assist you in removing the barriers preventing your practice from progressing. Whether you have a medical, behavioral, or institutional practice, getting a second opinion from trained professionals is always beneficial. Our door is open for you! Schedule a meeting with a member of our team to start improving the effectiveness of your practice.

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Medical Admin Advisors assists healthcare organizations to implement current best practices. We streamline processes and help you overcome THAT obstacle holding your practice back.
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