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The opening of our investment in an ambulatory surgical center might mark the point of a surgeon’s career where they move from an employed physician to a true entrepreneur. This is where your deferred gratification of medical school, residency, fellowship and voluminous cases performed with great outcomes pays off.


The initial stages of surgery center strategy planning are as crucial as any other business such as a restaurant, manufacturer, or any service-related business. This business planning determines specialties recruited, major equipment purchases and staffing decisions. It also leads us to the payer choices and subsequent contract negotiations. Is your facility a good candidate for bundled procedures where we combine the professional, facility, and implants? This decision has great impact on your overall profitability. Are you being fairly compensated for the effort you have put in and the outcomes you generate? Strong payer contract negotiations can be the ultimate factor in the greatest business venture you have yet undertaken succeeding or not.
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The decision to become accredited or not can vary greatly on your specialty and position in the marketplace, but can greatly affect your contracting with the payers and your ease of Medicare enrollment. Our firm will guide you through not only the yes or no decision, but also which accrediting agency is tailored to your ASC.

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